Moroccan tadelakt at marrakesh : Everything you want to know about Moroccan tadelak Riad Zinoun on 5 days

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Contents of the tadelakt formation:

1 - presentation of material: historical aspect and physics of tadelakt
2 - preparation of tadelakt  the colors with the natural pigments
3 - study of the tadelakt technics installation and smoothing
4 implementation of the tadelakt technics on rough pottery
5 - implementation of tadelakt  technics on cement
6 panel - work on personal tadelakt creation
(search for reasons in the médina, on documentation or personal capital contribution)

learn tadelakthow to do tadelakttadelakt training course


la taloche pour le tadelakt
une brosse pour mouiller les surface de tadelakt  le gallet L'OUTIL de tadelakt

 plastic pour lisser le tadelakt


un bout de plastic pour les arrondis de tadelakt   les arrondis du tadelakt




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